The PURAWISE team has a very conscious outlook and an innovative approach to doing business where the company’s goals are tied to social responsibility.

We are committed to implementing strong environmental and social practices as part of sustainable and responsible development.

We prioritize the location of select manufacturing facilities to minimize the carbon footprint associated with the distribution of goods.

With greater attention to by-product management and recycling, we systematically offer environmentally friendly alternative materials to meet our customers’ packaging needs. 

All our integrated sites or partner sites have signed a good practice charter that ensures working conditions that respect human rights and respect diversity.


Nobody can hide from the environmental impact resulting from the life of products. That’s why we choose products that are inherently reusable or whose materials are recyclable, biodegradable or compostable. 

At PURAWISE we are here to :

  • help you design sustainable and eco-responsible packaging. 
  • be attentive to our sourcing and the recyclability of our materials. 
  • accompany our employees and our partners in order to integrate ourselves in the best sustainable development policies.

our means

To reduce our carbon footprint, we choose the shortest and most efficient manufacturing processes and supply chains possible to meet our packaging needs. 

With increased attention to sustainable water consumption, green energy, by-product management and recycling, we systematically offer our customers environmentally friendly alternative materials to meet their packaging needs.

We offer a real solution across our packaging range, from organically sourced* to recycled** materials, in order to address the environmental impact of our activity. 

*GOTS Cotton, Bio-based plastics **Recycled Cotton and paper, rPET and rPES & PLA



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