Kraft Paper

Kraft Paper Boxes and Custom Kraft Packaging

Premium Quality Custom Kraft Paper at Wholesale Rates. Available in custom sizes and styles at Purawise.


What is Kraft Paper?

Kraft paper is a naturally biodegradable material.

It’s used in a wide range of industrial and commercial operations for packaging and protection. Its natural ‘woody’ looking texture means that it’s suited to a wide range of branding options. Pure brown paper is a popular element in product packaging.

It can save your business time and money thanks to its versatility as a packaging material.

Here’s why:

Corrugated cardboard made of kraft paper is the default shipping option for many reasons.

  • It’s lightweight
  • It’s durable
  • It’s cheap
  • It can be custom printed

Since it’s lightweight, corrugated kraft boxes don’t add any extra weight to your item.

How is it Made?

Kraft paper products are made using the Kraft process, which, like other paper production methods, involves the chemical conversion of wood into wood pulp. The structural components in wood are lignin and cellulose. Since lignin doesn’t make a good paper, it must be separated from cellulose. To do this, wood chips are cooked in a “white liquor” made of sodium sulfide and sodium hydroxide. They break the lignin and cellulose apart, leaving the solid wood pulp and a “black liquor”. The wood chips have now been turned to a pulp and are screened to remove any larger pieces. The pulp is washed to remove any residual cooking liquors and can then be formed into various paper products.

Benefits of Kraft Packaging

The main benefit of recycled brown paper is that it’s exceptionally strong, which is a result of its increased sulfur and decreased lignin content. This stronger form of paper has a lot more durability than alternative materials in most planes and is a lot more resistant to piercing than paper.